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Welcome to NOLA Broadband

With a collective 45 years of IT experience, our team came together with the sole purpose of providing affordable, reliable, and fast internet service to those who need it. We are an independent and privately owned local business. We were born in NOLA and we’re proud to be working everyday to bring a new type of internet to the area.


Want internet at your house? Let us arrange that. Simple pricing, no contracts.



Don’t let internet outage stop you from doing business. Use us as a backup connection or a primary.


Special Projects

Have a special project that needs Internet? We are up for the challenge.

Telephone Services

From standard phone service to complex phone systems, we will help you say, “Hello.”



We love New Orleans – but let’s face facts: there are times where this city struggles to keep up with you.  We deal with crumbling infrastructure, power outages, potholes, and boil water advisories on a regular basis. On top of that, we have become accustomed to the internet being “down.” Despite all of this, you still have work to do. NOLA Broadband does not use the same infrastructure as those big Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and because of that, we won’t experience the same outages (excluding Natural Disasters or a Mad Max-style societal crumbling).

Residential Plans

Bronze (Apts)

  • NOLA Broadband Serviced Apartments Only
  • Stream Movies
  • Stream Music
  • Check Email
  • Speeds up to*
  • 25 Megabit Download
  • 5 Megabit Upload

If you’re in an apartment building that is not serviced and is at least 3 stories tall, and willing to work with your landlord to get NOLA Broadband in your building, please reach out via our contact page and we will assist you.



  • Stream HD Movies
  • Stream Music
  • Check Email
  • Online Gaming
  • Great for Uploading
  • Great for Multiple Devices
  • Speeds Up To*
  • 100 Megabit Download
  • 10 Megabit Upload




  • Stream UHD Movies
  • Stream Music
  • Check Email
  • Online Gaming
  • Great for Power Uploading
  • Great for Multiple Devices
  • Speeds Up To*
  • 150 Megabit Download
  • 20+ Megabit Upload



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